Travel Candle Tin

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  • 4 OZ CANDLE IN TRAVEL TIN: Take ambiance on-the-go with our artisan Beeswax Southwest Travel Candle! Perfect for any adventure, light the cotton wick and delight in the warm glow and the pleasant natural honey aroma that fills and freshens the air. The tin container with fitted lid makes our travel candles easy to stowaway. Each 4oz candle measures 2.5" in diameter x 1.5" tall.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY BEESWAX: Made with ethical, 100% pure Texas Beeswax. This premium yellow bees wax candle burns clean and is free of toxins, such as paraffin, soy, and lead, associated with inferior candles. Scented only by what the honeybees pollinate, our hypoallergenic candles use only the finest domestic beeswax that helps clean the air by releasing negative ions when burning.
  • ENJOY THE SLOW BURN: Hand poured beeswax candles offer the pinnacle of candle-burning experiences. Brighter, cleaner, and longer lasting than other candle types, indulge your senses and bask in the elevated atmosphere created whenever you light these mini beauties. Each 4 ounce Travel Candle burns for approximately 20 hours.
  • >span class="a-list-item">THE BEESWAX CO: Made with pure domestic yellow beeswax and proudly hand-poured & finished in the USA. We collaborate with Texas Bees to create beautiful, all-natural candles. Ones that last longer and burn clean without harmful toxins. Premium candles that are naturally honey scented and gorgeous in both form and function. Brighten your home with The Beeswax Co!

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